Helping foreign families thrive


Helping foreign families thrive

What is Indigen?

We are passionate about the well-being of foreigners here and believe that the key to both unlocking their potential and ensuring they remain in Switzerland is how quickly they and their families integrate. Our program ensures that they have the best 

possible opportunity to do so in the shortest amount of time.  


How do we do it?

In the span of the program we focus on the following:

- local support to ease settling in new neighbourhood

- cross-cultural education and counselling

- understanding Swiss society and mentality

- building a network of Swiss locals they connect with

- ensuring positive first experiences in Switzerland

- beginning the journey of learning high German and Swiss German

How does it work?

Needs Analysis

At Indigen it is important that we really connect with you and your family and know you before you arrive. This first contact allows the relationship to begin and helps us create a tailor-made program that fits your needs and desires.


Based on the results of the analysis, we develop the program with you, which involves creating a network of like-minded Swiss locals in the city where you land. They play an integral role in the integration process.


Through our unique program, you and your family are given the best possible start in Switzerland, allowing you to thrive.

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We are passionate about you and your well-being in Switzerland. Here you will find out more about us.


Want to know more?

We would love to hear from you - please do contact us!

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