where language learning meets real life


Indigen allows you to learn languages the best way possible - in the real world with real people, doing what you love. 


Our native speakers are sure to inspire you with immersion Experiences that are truly extraordinary.



What Are experiences?

Experiences are opportunities to share a1-2 hour immersion session with one of our natives. Below are some examples.

  • Haute Cuisine

  • French

  • Annick Dubois

Join Annick, a former chef in top Parisian restaurants, and learn the secrets of the French kitchen whilst she guides you in the preparation of a three course meal.

  • Skating

  • English

  • Peter Wilson

Peter, a former sponsored skater in the United States, is ready to take you to his favourite spots to skate and help you learn some new tricks.

  • Photography

  • Italian

  • Marco Viola

Marco is passionate about photography and has had his photos featured in various magazines. Join him as he takes you to some of his favourite sites and shows you how to capture the scene like a pro. 

How does it work?

We are here to make language learning extraordinary. Tell us what language you want to improve, how quickly you want to improve on it and what you love to do. We will then create a curated, tailor-made immersion package for you with native speakers in your area.

Review our proposed package and make any changes you see fit, tell us what times work best for you, then fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a revolutionary learning experience!

Rate your experiences with our native speakers so that we can make an even better package for you the next time!

Are you ready for the adventure? 

Get in touch so we can create a package for you

We would love to bring language learning to life for you. Let us know what language you are interested in and what your hobbies are, and we will get to work!

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