No matter where you've come from - with Indigen you belong.

What is INDIGEN?

Moving abroad is hard, and one of the hardest things about it is finding community in your new city. Indigen helps you find exactly that, even before you've left home!






why are we doing this?

Switzerland is famously difficult when it comes to integration and currently holds 64th place out of 68 countries in terms of settling.* Apparently the Swiss are cold, close-minded and not welcoming - but we don't think that is true and are doing something about it. 

* Internations Expat Insider 2018

We match a local from our community to you

Vetted local Swiss are matched to you and your family based on shared interests and hobbies

Access to our community opens up a world of connections and activities in their city

Local Buddy

First Local Contacts



Indigen Community + Events

This local is that friend you need once you land! He/she will have the answers and support you need

Our locals take you and your partner/family on amazing experiences in and around your new city

Our exclusive events are opportunities to expand your new network and enjoy good company!

The dynamic and concept are simple:

How does it work?

Our program makes a difference for you, your family and the society around you
Empowering locals:
Our fees go directly to remunerate the locals involved
The Indigen Foundation enables immigrants take part in our programs for free

More than just community

Social impact is the heart of Indigen




Ingrid Corredor,

MLA Biotechnology

"I am very grateful of being part of Indigen group. It's been a great way to settle down nicely and smoothly in Bern."

Nina Trepp,

Family Advisor

"A fantastic experience - I even made a new friend! And finally I have the chance to show the whole world how open we Swiss can be."

Peter Biggs,

Software Engineer

"I was able to settle a lot faster and get to know my city through my local buddy and Swiss contacts. So glad I took part!"



We want to make it possible for everyone to benefit from community






Finances are tight for everyone, even your company, but that shouldn't stop you from thriving as a human being once you move. We see a solution where you and your employer can help each other to make it possible! 





You (or your employer) pay for the basic package
and your employer can contribute on top to make the full package possible

Our chance to connect

Become a part of an international community

We are here to help expats feel at home faster here. Are you new to Switzerland? Let us be your helping hand! Or maybe you've been an expat for a while? You could be that person that really helps a new expat find their feet here. And most of all, let's enjoy connecting to the Swiss around us. They are lovely, and this is our chance to get to know them a bit better!

Are you ready for the adventure?

Get in touch so we can connect you!

We are excited to see how the friendships and connections we form with you can change your experience of life abroad. 

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