Helping foreign families thrive

Giving your company better branding power and enabling a great employee experience through human connection

You Global Talent needs more

Your company's global talent is one of its most expensive assets, and in order to thrive in their new role after moving, they need more support than your local employees; they need to recreate that fundamental basis of feeling settled and connected as a human being in their personal life and new surroundings, and this is why Indigen is here. 


We recognise this and want to help you make the most of your global talent, co-creating solutions with you to optimise your approach and retention strategy on a human level, improving your ROI, your employee's productivity and loyalty to the company.

LAying a foundation for success

Our unique program takes your global talent and their partner/family members on a tailor-made journey to belonging.

Key Contact

First Local Contacts



A hand-selected key contact looks after them closely

Vetted locals are matched to your employee based on shared interests and hobbies

Our locals take your employee and their partner/family to amazing experiences in and around their new city

This contact will ensure that the transition and settling process goes smoothly

Access to our community opens up a world of connections and activities in their city

Indigen Community + Events

Our exclusive events are opportunities to expand their new network and enjoy good company


We aren't just a destination service - we are a social movement

By partnering with Indigen you are not only supporting your global talent, you and your company are having direct social impact.

We co-create a human experience for your global talent
Empowering locals:
Our fees go directly to remunerate the locals involved
The Indigen Foundation enables immigrants take part in our programs for free


Our passion is the success of your company and the wellbeing of your employees. Here you can learn more about us.


We look forward to helping you

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